Two ePerformance lines - one goal.


Provide highly sophisticated products for a booming market. From concept to execution, Haibike set standards in technology, functionality and design. However They do not only strive to be the best. And that’s what their designers, engineers, product managers and technicians work so hard to achieve on a daily basis. Their eBikes need to satisfy the highest demands on any terrain. Scroll down for Haibike’s more recent innovations.


Agile Geometry Concept

To achieve agile and dynamic performance in off-road cycling, you need short, and thus manoeuvrable chainstays. In Haibike’s ePerformance bikes, this is achieved by slightly pivoting the motor upwards, tweaking the configuration of screw and bolt connections and utilising the space behind the motor as efficiently as possible. These enhancements allow us to build exceptionally short chainstays in spite of the central motor to crete some of the most dynamic and agile eBikes on the market.

Direct Mount Concept

Every component is screwed directly onto the frame, dispensing with any form of adapter. This reduces the size and weight, while increasing stability and precision at the same time. The concept is used in mounting the motor and the battery onto our aluminium and carbon frames.

Skid Plate

Haibike have always protected their bikes’ motors from scratches and bumps by means of innovation: introducing the skid plate. This plastic component is screwed to the frame, protecting the motor above it and integrating it into the bike’s overall silhouette. Each XDURO and SDURO comes equipped with a skid plate.

Display Protection Concept

The special handlebar features a recessed clamp area designed to protect and integrate it more smoothly into the handlebar itself. This avoids the display protruding too far from the handlebar, which is both ungainly and impractical.

Cable Inlets

For the first time ever, this patent-pending system allows cables and hoses to be installed and uninstalled quickly and easily. Installing an adjustable seatpost for instance, or replacing a conventional shifting system with an electronic one is very straightforward: the large, standardised inlets make routing new cables child’s play.

eLight System

We want you to be able to ride your Haibike day and night. That is why we have developed the first lighting system that combines visual integration and innovative functionality into an aesthetically pleasing ensemble. Both front and rear lights in the Haibike eLight System are compliant with the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO) and can be retrofitted on any XDURO.